Matt Winson, a Dutch/ Latvian indie folk band.

Consisting of Matthijs Steur, Pieter van Winsen, Thomas van Winsen and Magnuss Baugis.

With their distinctive sound built around vocal harmonies.

This band will for sure be one of your new favourites.

Earlier this month they released a new single, "Medea".

A fantastic song with a pure sound.

So check this band out before they go big.

A perfect christmas gift just for you.


Who helped you with it? Melody, text, producing...

The arrangements of the song were mostly written by Pieter, the melody of the vocals by Matthijs. The song was written in the beginning of 2017 and recorded live at The Moon Music Studios in Maasbracht by Wouter Bude. Wessel Oltheten mixed and mastered the track.

How long time did it take from scratch to finish?

The song was written quite quickly. In total it took about 5 rehearsals. Afterwards we tried to make some renditions, but eventually we would always return to the original idea.

Did you meet any obstacles during the work with it?

The biggest obstacle would be the fact that there are no vocals in the chorus. It was an idea we wanted to try out. The challenge was to make a sticking melody without using vocals. The best way to achieve this was by trying our several trumpet lines.

What`s the inspiration behind it?

The song title refers to a Greek mythological figure. Briefly, she was a figure who would do anything in order to get revenge. For us, she provides a powerful metaphor to people who are focused too much on achieving a thing so much that they let others down.

What are your feelings about it now when it`s out and done?

Since it was one of the few Matt Winson songs that was not recorded yet, we're very happy to have recorded it. Now, we're very happy about the responses we get, and about the fact that the song was featured in multiple Spotify playlists throughout Europe.

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Born in Ascot, England, but currently following her dreams in Los Angeles.

Georgi Kay.

A brilliant artist with a fantastic talent for writing songs.

It´s not hard to understand why her music has been nominated and recieved awards.

Last week she released a new masterpiece, "Guilty Pleasures".

With her unique vocals and a sexy fresh sound this song will enthrall you right away.

Something you won´t mind.

So close your eyes and just enjoy.

Guilty Pleasures

Who helped you with it? Melody, text, producing...
I wrote, recorded and produced GUILTY PLEASURES by myself in my bedroom.
It was just my laptop, MIDI keyboard, headphones and myself.
I own a studio microphone, but I actually prefer to sing directly into my laptop mic.
It just sounds so much better!
When I was happy with everything I went into my friend’s studio and we enhanced and mixed the sounds together, so that each element of the song sounded bigger and fuller. Kind of like giving the song a final fresh coat of paint.

How long time did it take from scratch to finish?
It took about 4 days in total.

Did you meet any obstacles during the work with it?

Not at all.

GUILTY PLEASURES was one of my favorite songs to write.

The whole process was a lot of fun and I hadn’t written a song with horns before, so I learnt some new tricks along the way and had fun experimenting with new sounds.

What’s the inspiration behind it?

GUILTY PLEASURES is about falling in love with someone who, despite their mutual feelings of affection towards me, are already taken by someone else.

It’s about being so deeply connected with each other on a mental, emotional and spiritual level – yet because they are romantically tied to another we are forbidden to cross that line and explore the physical side of our connection.
In those types of moments you create a fantasy, this fake world in your head – where you can meet that person in your dreams and fulfil those forbidden desires and complete that connection. You know you can never have that together in real life, so you live out “what could be” in this made-up fantasy world of yours.

What are your feelings about it now when it’s out and done?

I’m very happy it’s out there.

I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed at all the love and support it’s been getting on the Spotify and iTunes charts around the world. A big thank you to everyone who has played, streamed, bought and shared it with family and friends.
It really means a lot.
And I couldn’t be more proud of my team and myself for another great success.



Born in Netherlands.

A wonderful talented artist who will capture you right away.

Nina June.

An artist who has what it takes to reach the top.

A few days ago she released a new single.

"Till Dawn".

A brilliant song with beautiful vocals and a fresh sound.

So tune in and find a new favourite.

You won´t be disappointed.

Till Dawn

Who helped you with it? Melody, text, producing...

I wrote and produced this track with my musical companion Lieuwe Roonder. We created most of it at home, then I went to London to mix it with Tim Bran (a.o London Grammar, Halsey). The track was mastered by Pete Maher.

How long time did it take from scratch to finish?

A couple of months. We started working on it in summer and finished the track in November. We added some layers everytime we worked on it. We wrote the music and lyrics pretty fast, in 1 or 2 days. But producing it just takes a lot of time!

Did you meet any obstacles during the work with it?

The first 70% of the production comes quite easy, but finishing the track is always the hardest part. It's similar to fixing a really complicated puzzle: you already see what it as to be, it just takes a lot of time for everything to fall exactly at its place.

What`s the inspiration behind it?

Till Dawn is about a forbidden love, that can only exist in the period between dusk and dawn. It's about the rush, the dark side, but also about capturing the beauty of the moment.

What are your feelings about it now when it`s out and done?

I'm fully happy with it! It's always exciting to release a new song, but for me solving the puzzle is most important. After that, people can either like it or hate it. I do love reading people's comments and stories on it, it's very cool to see that this darkish lovestory resonates with people.



The Stockholm based artist, Jackie Tech.

With a talent in both singing and writing, she has every chance to make it.

The new Swedish starlet is for sure one to watch.

A year ago she released the critically acclaimed "You Can Have It All".

And now she is back with another hit song, "Heart on Replay".

A track which will go on repeat.

So tune in and push play.

You won´t regret it.

Heart on Replay

Who helped you with it? Melody, text, producing...

I wrote the melody and the lyrics from start to finish along with some basic chords. After that my partner in crime Alexej Viktorovitch aka Middle Milk produced and mixed the track with input from me.

How long time did it take from scratch to finish?

I came up with the refrain on the bus ride home from work, and I immediately felt that there was a vibe. So when came home I sat down and wrote the whole thing which took a couple of hours. When I start vibing like that to a song it comes pouring out and writes itself in a way. Once I was done, Alexej put the track together during a couple of days, so the entire song was done in a week.

Did you meet any obstacles during the work with it?

Once we had the track ready for recording the lead vocal, I injured my vocal chords while singing during a cold. So we actually had the song ready back in March, but we had to wait for my voice to heal before stepping into the studio. I finally got thumbs up in July to go ahead and use my voice again. So back to your previous question, the entire process took about 6 months (!) including the months of silence.

What`s the inspiration behind it?

It’s such an absolute feeling of euphoria that sparked this tune, all of the love I feel for my significant other. The feeling of when the rest of the world is drowned out and it’s just him on repeat. When I first heard the song in my head, a lot of the soulful elements were already there. So Alexej pushed the song in that direction, and I really feel like the groove supports the happiness of the lyrics.

What are your feelings about it now when it`s out and done?

I’m super happy and thankful that people finally get to listen to it. For a minute I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to record it at all, and that I’d had to go into surgery. So I’m truly thankful that it’s out and that I’m now able to record new stuff for you guys to listen to :)



Franc Moody, the rising duo from London.

Ned Franc and Jon Moody.

With an underground sound mixed with disco- funk, this duo will always keep your feet moving.

Two weeks ago they released their fantastic single "Pheromones".

Something to bring into the weekend.

But if you want to feel the full vibe going through your body, then you better make some space in your schedule.

On 28th February, 2018, Franc Moody will hit the stage at Oslo Hackney, London.

So check them out and don´t miss the show.


Who helped you with it? Melody, text, producing...

We write and produce all our music ourselves. Pheromones started in much the same way as all our other tracks did; a lot of listening (in this case Rufus Thomas, Larry Graham and Harvey Sutherland), a lot of jamming, tweaking, twerking, adjusting and piling up loads of High-Life-inspired lo-fi percussive sounds from salt shakers to hot sauce bottles to mugs of tea.

How long time did it take from scratch to finish?

The intro bass synth part came from a jam in the studio. We then became pretty obsessed with the lick and we started to write the rest of the song. Once we got going it all happened pretty quickly. We wanted to play it at our last live show in London so we quickly slapped on the finishing touches - family string quartet, hammond organ, triangle, live hi hats etc..

Did you meet any obstacles during the work with it?

Apart from our computer crashing the whole time not really.. It took a while to finesse the ‘drop’ - getting the right amount of weight and attitude without to turning into a prog rock song!

What`s the inspiration behind it?

Pheromones is about attraction and reaction. The subconscious forces that stir just beneath the surface.

What are your feelings about it now when it`s out and done?

It feels great to have it out and to share it with the world. Even better for it to be in our live set and we can’t wait to fill dance floors with it in coming months.



Iris was born in the UK but she grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark.

With her unique style Iris is one of the most interesting artists at the moment.

And it isn´t hard to understand why...

Once you´ve pushed her music on play you´re stuck.

Something you won´t mind at all.

A few weeks ago Iris released "All I Really Know".

A fantastic song with attitude and motivation.

So take a break and push play.

All I Really Know

Who helped you with it? Melody, text, producing...

Gettic and Gisli Gislason aka mr Anderson who are both My really good friends in Denmark.

How long time did it take from scratch to finish?

It took a few months actually, getting the right musicians to play on it and get the right mix.

Did you meet any obstacles during the work with it?

Yes, it definitely was not as straight forward as some other songs I have.

What`s the inspiration behind it?

It is My Rocky Balboa Apollo creed track. It`s about dusting yourself off and picking yourself up after going through some tough times.

What are your feelings about it now when it`s out and done?

Its a kind of nervous excitement. Cus I´m super hype that it is out, I´m really proud of the track and what It´s about. But at the same time i get a bit nervous, because I obviously would love it to get out to as many people as possible and hopefully inspire some folks.



A California Native who is ready to take on the world.

James Barre is an incredible talented artist you got to keep an eye on.

With his combination of a modern sound and wonderful vocals, it won´t be long until he get the recognition he deserves.

James is a hard working artist who was playing out 3-4 nights a week at the age of 13.

And it all started out after saving his fathers´ spare change for 4 years to have enough money to buy his first guitar.

A decision we´re happy for.

The best thing with James is probably that he´s just at the beginning of his career and will continue to develop and be even better.

So even though you will have the chance to enjoy his music for years to come, you better check him out right now.

You won´t regret it.

Which musicians have influenced your style of music the most?

Shawn Mendes and Lauv. They've got really great music out there.

I saw your awesome cover of "Billie Jean" on Youtube, do you have any favourite song to cover while playing live?

Billie Jean is one of them, but after that I would say Cold Water by Major Lazer. The lyrics are really powerful and deep.

... And which one of your originals?

Girl of My Dreams is definitely my favorite! It's super upbeat and very relatable.

Where do you usually find inspiration to your songs?

Honestly, I like to take something simple and play it up in my mind. I think "How dramatic can I make it without seeming insane".

It takes a lot of time and hard work to be a successful artist, what do you do to relax and keep your thoughts on something else?

Playing guitar is very therapeutic for me. It helps me to zone out and just think.

Last month you released "Girl Of My Dreams", could you tell us the story behind it?

Girl of My Dreams, is about meeting someone that you really like and that you want to spend all of your time with; The perfect person for you.

Do you have any more releases in the near future?

Absolutely! I have a new single coming out soon called "The Reason", as well as the remix of "Keep it Movin".

You´ve had a pretty good year this far, what´s the next step? Do you have any goals for the next year?

To do as many live shows as possible. I spent a lot of time this year in studio making tracks. Next year I want to perform them for all of you!



After being a part of the R&B and hip- hop world, working with artists like Jamie Foxx and T- Pain, Chuck made the decision.

He decided to follow his heart all the way to Nashville and make country music.

Something he don´t need to regret.

Last week he released "Take Me As I Am".

A wonderful song about being accepted as who you are.

Something we all would like to be.

So accept this rising star and check him out.

He might just be your new favourite.

Take Me As I Am

Who helped you with it? Melody, text, producing...

I wrote the melody and the was produced by Jacquire King.

How long time did it take from scratch to finish?

It was written and recorded in 3 hours. It basically wrote itself.

Did you meet any obstacles during the work with it?

I didn't, It went smooth. Jacquire is an amazing producer.

What`s the inspiration behind it?

Life. My experiences and the many I hear about. I wanted to make a song about standing up, embracing who you are, and accepting others. I want everyone out there listening to either be moved to keep an open mind, and/or know that whatever they're going through, they aren't alone.

What are your feelings about it now when it`s out and done?

I love the finished product. I want listeners to be inspired to uplift others, stay positive and enjoy the music.



From East Greenbush, New York.

An ice hockey player making hits both on and off the ice.

Matt Lashoff grew up surrounded by music and was influenced by icons like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix.

With his soft wonderful voice and ability to write songs, Matt has every chance to be as successful within music as on the ice.

A few days ago he released "Stronger Together".

A fantastic song which literally can make a difference for people.

The proceeds of the song will be donated to Las Vegas Golden Knights Foundation, which will go to the victims of the tragedy that happened October 1.

So push play, listen and repeat.

Stronger Together

Who helped you with it? Melody, text, producing...

The production was mostly a team effort between myself, Tom Burns, and James Morrisson. Tom and James are two rising stars in the St. Louis area and were really able to deliver on the vibe I envisioned for the song. The melody, lyrics, and songwriting were done solely by myself.

How long time did it take from scratch to finish?

This song was really a sprint from start to finish. The song itself was written relatively quickly, in about 3 hours. We got the OK, that the song was going to used for some tribute efforts with the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team early on a Monday morning and then the race was on to get it recorded. We ended up going into the studio at around 10 am that same Monday and didn’t come back out until 3am the next day. The song was then completed the next afternoon and ready to be released.

Did you meet any obstacles during the work with it?

The only real obstacle was the time crunch we had to get the song public. The vibe we were able to create within the studio and everyone being on the same page where they believed the song could go sonically really helped with being able to have things run relatively smooth. There were some minor things production and tone wise that we really wanted to nail to be able to set the mood for the song, so the payoff was as emotional as it could be. We spent some extra time focusing on some of those intricacies.

What`s the inspiration behind it?

I had a melody and a chord progression for a while, but couldn’t find the right material lyrically. The inspiration was really everything that had been going on in the world at that time. Living in St. Louis with the social unrest that had been going on here, the tragedy in Las Vegas, and my own personal battle were all things that added up to being able to set the table on the song. Lyrically I wanted it to be something of hope and change. I wanted to nod at the fact that we gather together when there are tragedies or hard times. We as a society do the most amazing things for each other when we are desperate and we are so much better off when we actually have compassion for everyone around us.

What are your feelings about it now when it`s out and done?

This has been the first push towards a new direction musically for me. I have been overwhelmingly humbled by the response. We are donating the proceeds of the song to the Las Vegas Golden Knights Foundation, which will go to the victims and first responders of the tragedy that happened on Oct. 1. To have this song be a little piece of solace for people who have gone through something so terrible and be able to give back through this song is something I am really honored to have been able to do.



Raised in Texas, US.

With a wide inspiration from Beyoncé and Radiohead to Broadway, Sean has developed his own flawless sound.

After critically acclaimed remakes of songs like "Hello", he is now ready to show you his own original sound.

Last week Sean released his latest single, "Out Of Stride".

Pure gold.

A fantastic track which will be a perfect match to your next night out.

Sean is a talent to watch.

So push play.

Out Of Stride

Who helped you with it? Melody, text, producing...

The track was co-produced with Ash (@ashmusic - insta / soundcloud @ash_musicc). He's based in Montreal but is Egyptian so his production style has a cool eastern influence, also combining organic and electronic elements. But I did all of the vocal production and recording and songwriting by myself.

How long time did it take from scratch to finish?

The whole process until release was about 14 months. The idea came a quickly, but in order to get everything right required a lot of fine tuning.

Did you meet any obstacles during the work with it?

Well I've been making a fusion between underground dance/electronic and mainstream pop, so when I started to send the song around for notes the battle of how to maintain this middle ground became quite obvious. Also finding the right mixing engineer took some time, but in the end I was happy to find someone who understood the vision.

What`s the inspiration behind it?

It was inspired by a a lot of music, I guess. It was literally the moment in my head when I decided that we had to break up. My now ex and I were walking together in Stockholm and the minute that I realized it was over, we simply fell out of stride. It was surreal at the time and later as I was working on the song that idea kept coming back to me. The idea of being totally in sync with someone and then in an instant being completely polarized. But it wasn't an angry break up, it was bittersweet. Because staying would have been the "routine" normal life that I sometimes desperately wish for as a musician who is always on the go.

What are your feelings about it now when it`s out and done?

I'm excited and relieved. I am working towards an album, and this piece along with my most recent releases really begins to show the framework for the story I'm trying to tell.